Dreadsnouts are the first air unit for the Myriad. They are often used to ambush bases during multiplayer matches along with Banekites (but Dreadsnouts are used more often). One on one they could be taken down by even a Gunner, but in flocks (as shown in the picture to the left) they can take down at least 5 bases only losing 1-2 of them. There is a strategy on this in here.

Unit StatisticsEdit

Combat Stats:

Attack Damage: 10

Attack Type:

Mid ranged
Mid Ranged

Defense Stats:

Health: 90

Armour: 45~

Movement Speed:


Researches: Viscid Venom

Effected by (Researches): Savagery, Sky Ward

Requires: None; Unlocked at beginning


A flock of dreadsnouts attacking a red striker

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